Beading Patterns

Beading Patterns and Testimonials

When I was 15 years old I loved beads. Everything about them made me smile. The different shapes, the shininess, the colors, etc. First I started out with one strand jewelry. After a while, I upgraded my skills and started teaching jewelry tutorials on Youtube.

As time went by, people started asking me if I also made printable patterns. In 2015 I uploaded my first pattern. At that moment I only listed patterns that were made from my videos. Now I also make exclusive beading patterns. These beading patterns are more suitable for experienced beaders and exclusively available in my Etsy shop.

Making new jewelry designs is my favorite thing to do! When I make a pattern I strive to make it easy to follow. My patterns consist of enlarged photos and clearly written corresponding text.

This method makes the steps easy to understand, even for beginning beaders. The text tells you what beads to pick up and where to put your needle, and the photo provides you with a visual of the text:

Example of my beading patterns

The clear visual shows you how it should look. It shows you in which direction you stick your needle. Which beads are meant if you have multiple sets. And it also helps to determine if you might have missed a step or bead. This makes the pattern easy to follow and easy to understand.

Here are a few testimonials of my satisfied customers:

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