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I host a beading group on Facebook: Beading, Beads & Beaders. I made this group in 2015, at the time many beading groups were falling apart. This was either due to negativity, too much-selling posts or spam. There were a few great groups from different designers, but most of them only allowed you to post jewelry that you made from there patterns.

So that’s why I decided that it was time for a different kind of group. The group is not just about my beading tutorials or jewelry made from my beading patterns. We keep negativity out as a group, together! We do not allow straight on selling posts, but we do have a ‘grey area’ for designers and beading shops. Feel free to join! But before you do, please read these group rules:

Group rules:

1. Only bead or beading related posts.

Every type of non-beading related posts is NOT welcome. 

Doubt if you can post it? Follow these steps:

A. Question: Is it bead or beading related? 
Answer: Yes? Continue with step B
Answer No? You can NOT post this.

Question: Does it violate any other group rules? 
Answer: Yes? You can NOT post this.
Answer: No? Hurray! You can post this!

You took a picture of your cat laying on your beading mat, 2-inch fur deep covered in seed beads. Can you post this?

A. Question: Is it bead or beading related? 
Answer: Yes! A cat covered in beads is definitely beading related.

Question: Does it violate any other group rules? 
Answer: No! A cat covered in beads is not a violation of the group rules.

2. No negativity.

We are a loving community and we like to keep it that way. Let’s treat each other with respect and kindness.

Some great advice from Thumper’s mom:

Heated posts and discussions are not allowed. It doesn’t matter if you started it or just joined the fight. Anyone who misbehaves will be removed without warning.

Tip: Spotted some negativity? Tag me, PM me, sit back and grab some popcorn.

3. No selling.

This group is meant for sharing and not for selling beads or non-beading related items.

* Grey area for designers:

As a designer, I know the importance of getting your work noticed. However, I don’t want this group to turn in one of the many pages, where designers write a short sentence, dump there selling link and move on. 

Therefore, I am asking you to put a little effort into posting on this group in the following way:

A. Copied ‘shared-from-(business)-page-posts’ are not allowed. Write a post with at least 10 sentences (including space) before placing your specific link.
B. Your link needs to be specific, meaning it needs to be directly directed to the single pattern that you showcase.
C. You can post a maximum of 1 pattern per day (this does not include showing the process before the finished piece (no links) or free tutorials (please do link)

* Grey area for bead shops:

We all love beads, especially if they are on sale! Individuals are not allowed to sell or promote their bead sales. However, I do allow registered bead shops to post a ‘bead sale add’ as long as you follow these rules:

A. Add the time and date when the sale starts + ends 
B. Make sure it’s clear what is on sale and/or how much % is off
C. Provide a clear webshop link
D. Max of 1 post per month

Selling your jewelry is not allowed. However, If someone asks you if they can buy the jewelry you showed, you can reply with ‘I will send you a PM’ or ask (in case you have a pattern) if they would like the pattern or the piece. If they want the piece, reply with ‘I will send you a PM’. Arrange things in a private conversation. And if you have a pattern you can post a link.

4. No spamming, scamming, promoting or other forms of ’empty’ content.

I don’t have to explain this one right? We all know those spamming posts such as ‘I can get you a loan’, ‘look at this random video’, ‘join me on this WhatsApp group’, ‘this soap will get the beads out of your cat’s fur’ kind of spammy scammy kind of posts, right?

And just for the record, no:

  • Phone number sharing
  • Religious posts
  • Fundraiser posts
  • Other internet trash

If you violate these rules you might be lucky and get away with just a warning. But most of the time I will go for my two friends block & delete. 

Exclusive rights for HoneyBeads1:

As the admin of this page, I too follow the rules. Most of the content that I share is free for you to enjoy. As compensation for my time, cost and effort I might post an affiliate (sponsored) link ever so often. Please, do not post any other affiliate links on this page. You can support my work by using the shared link to shop online.

This group made a list of ‘favorite’ bead shops, you can check it out here

If you have any questions about these rules you can contact me at or send me a pm on Facebook: Zina Kagchelland

Link to the group: Beading, Beads & Beaders

Have a nice day and happy beading!

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